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Eat your fruits instead of drinking them
Posted by      03/28/2023 18:44:15    Comments 0
Eat your fruits instead of drinking them

With Halloween creeping up and the weather starting to feel colder we want to inspire you to get a little bit creative in the kitchen this festive period, so weve treated you to a round-up of our favourite seasonal recipes from our most-loved foodie bloggers.

Weve cherry picked a mix of sweet and savoury recipes, that were sure will get both adults and kids in the Halloween mood. However, if dressing up and going out trick or treating isnt your thing, then thats completely fine with us too, these recipes are just as perfect for a cosy autumnal night in.

What ever the nature of your Halloween.

It wouldnt be Halloween without a toffee apple. These sticky, gooey, delicious sticks of joy by Indy from The Little Green Spoon are made from coconut sugar, cashew butter and coconut milk. If youve got kids then this one is perfect for getting them involved. Set up a decorating station with all your favourite toppings and be prepared for a little bit of mess. Indy suggests: roasted nuts, cacao nibs, and desiccated coconut to decorate.

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By the time October comes around squash is in an abundance. This beautiful seasonal recipe by serial dinner party host Alexandra Dudley celebrates the squash in all its glory pairing it with a herby butterbean mash, which makes a nice change from the traditional potato. Serve this up to guests on an autumnal evening and were sure there ll be empty plates all round.

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We dont know about you but this is the kind of food we love. Full of seasonal veg and fragrant spices, this is the perfect bowl food after a long day. What makes this even better is youll probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already. Niki from @rebelrecipes finishes this dish off with a spoonful of coconut yogurt for creaminess and then adds a tahini dressing for even more flavour - delicious!

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